I was out in the cold to bring some warmth to a local business in NYC

handyandyI had a 11am shoot earlier today. I had to do a promotional video for Handy Andy Squad of Astoria NY. The drive was challenging but at HJB Productions we always go the extra mile to make our clients happy.

The owner Andrew Russac was kind enough to give us the option to reschedule but we know how much it usually takes to prepare for the shoot, the emotions, anticipation etc.

Andrew is a New York City Certified Contractor, licensed and insured. He does big jobs but then saw the need to cater for those customers who have minor fixes every now and then.

Andrew is a people's person, I spent 90 min with him but it feels as if I've known him for ever.

If you live in the NYC area and needs a handy man please contact Andrew. He take his job very serious and in his own words "there's no job that is too small". To reach Andrew please visit his website at Handy Andy Squad

Visit us again to see the finished video.


The Business Pitch

Saw this on Nell Merlino's YouTube channel and wanted to share with you. Elivator Pitches are often a good canditate for a business profile video. 


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The changing face of the corporate video production industry.

This is an extract from an article written by Jimm Fox of One Market Media on the The changing face of the corporate video production industry. It's a great read and offers information on price structure by different providers. As highlighted in the article, the line between production companies and experienced cinematographers is becoming more remote as camera gear are becoming more powerful and cheaper. Features that were only found in high end cameras are now included in prosumer cameras which are often more flexible in their work flow. 

2Technology has had a dramatic effect on the video production industry over the last 5 years. A few years ago video production was a highly specialized service that required very expensive equipment. Today anyone can pick up some cheap equipment and start making videos. At the same time many businesses are starting to embrace video, primarily on the web, as a means of reaching their audiences with engaging and persuasive new content. It’s both the perfect storm and the perfect opportunity for providers and purchasers of corporate video production services.

I am often asked about the state industry – how it’s changing, where it’s going, so I created this brief summary of how I see the industry evolving. The numbers are my own – based on observation, research and discussions with other video productions companies.

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Floodbusters of Baltimore Maryland

RickThis shoot was scheduled for 11am and the drive from Sayreville New Jersey was generally traffic-free; plus I get to see a Tesler cruizing by. This car is 100% battery operated and I could not keep up with it, by the time I get my phone to take a picture it has disappeared. Setting up at the Location is usually between 20 to 30 minuets. This usally involve identifying an appropriate location for the interview, setting up stabilization equipment, audio and camera calibration. I had a wonderful experience, Rick and Wanda were very helpful and the shoot was successful.

Flood Busters is a family owned business that specialize in basement waterproofing and foundation repairs. They have been in business since 1988 and Rick the owner told me he has been in the business of waterproofing and foundation well before that.

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The Human Brain

  • Human Brain Processes Visuals 60,000x Faster Than Text.
  • Posts With Visuals Drive Up To 180% More Engagement Than Those Without.
  • Viewers Spend 100% More Time On Web Pages With Videos.
  • 64% Of Users Are More Likely To Buy A Product From Watching a Video.
  • Human Brain Can Recognize Objects Much Faster than computers.

What our Customers Are Saying

Most people retain 95% of the message in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

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