Tile of Edison Video Shoot

It's always great to have your shoot close by. My biggest worry for distant shoots had always been traffic. It's not always possible to predict traffic even with the live traffic on my GPS. This shoot was about 5 miles from my studio.

The shoot was for Ideal Tile of Edison and it was a great shoot. There was a lot of options for B-Roll which was very important for this shoot because the owner opted for voice-over. With a talking head you have the option to cut back to the person behind the voice. With voice-over you need enough B-Roll to cover the entire video. [Click "Read more.. below to see Photos]

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1Plus1 Salon & Las Mellas Unisex marketing video shoot

I was out in the cold earlier today bringing some warmth to two small businesses. My first shoot today was in Brooklyn New York for Eric Yan, owner of 1 Plus 1 Salon on 8th Ave. Very nice folks, they knew how cold it was and as soon as I got on set they offered me some hot coffee. The best coffee I ever had...in Brooklyn.

My second shoot was in West New York in New Jersey and that was for Las Mellas Unisex on Palisade Ave. Ruben Rodriguez and his wife were great folks to work with. They were well prepared and I had a great shoot. [click "read More..." below for behind the scenes photos

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LED Outfitters Product Shoot

Earlier today I was in Hempstead New York doing product shoot for Matt and his crew, owners of LED Outfitters. They have been around since 2002 and specialize in the retail and distribution of high quality Emergency vehicle equipment, I have been shooting their products for about two years. Very nice folks to do business with and if at anytime you or someone you know need high quality emergency vehicle gear you should check them out. LED Outfitters

At HJB Productions we share your vision for quality photographs to showcase your products. The quality of your images greatly influence a customer's perception of your product this is because Images represent your products as a 2D version of the tangible product. [Click "Read more.. below to see Photos]

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Video shoot for Soccer skillz Training of Jackson, NJ

My shoot this Sunday was in Jackson NJ. Shooting a promo video for Nikolaos Alexopoulos owner of Soccer skillz Training. Nik is doing a great job taking these kids away from their game consoles and turning them into soccer players. I got the chance to use the drone. Few years back ariel video is more of a Hollywood budget...thank you DJI and the drone industry.

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5 Secrets to Succeed at Video Advertising

5secretHere is an article by Alex Debelov, CEO of Virool "Video, if done right, is one of the most powerful storytelling formats in the world. Indeed, sight, sound and motion elicit great emotion. It has the power to make us laugh, to cry, to contemplate big ideas and call people to action. With video advertising expected to grow 21 percent annually, it has never been a better time to be a content creator.

Whether the intent is to entertain, inform or persuade, there are many things to consider before setting out to create your next video campaign.

Here are five ways to maximize a video initiative in order to make your video advertisement go further.

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Shooting For New York City

FKsmallThe weather was bit of a chellenge yesterday Dec 9 2014. It was raining heavily with some floading. I had to shoot two promotional videos in Manhattan about 5 miles from each other; but those NYC miles and it took me over an hour to get to next location.

My first shoot was at 175 Varick St at the Law Office of Francis P Karam, ESQ PC. Client has emailed me earlier to offer me the option to reschedule and that was very nice and considerate of him. I figured out since the shoot is going to be in doors I might as well do it. I came in early and was able to secure parking infront of the building after about 20 min or so lurking around. Parking in the City can be challenging so it's always help to arive early.  

The shoot came out successful as Francis and his team came in well prepared; the one thing he said on his video that I can relate to is when he said ...even though they are a small firm they have the resources to take on huge cases. At HJB Productions we also invest heavily on recent technologies that help us achieve quality video and audio comparable to large production companies. Yes the technology is that good and we pass the savings to our customers in the form of high quality videos at affordable prices. 

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The Human Brain

  • Human Brain Processes Visuals 60,000x Faster Than Text.
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